1. Gabriel

    Vegeta LSSJ

    Hi, so, someone on deviantART made a Vegeta LSSJ Design so I decided to make it as a player model for esf. Credits go to God Gundam, Kama for the Base Broly Model and the ESF Team for the 1.3 OBF Vegeta Model. Here is what came out: Am I allowed to release it?
  2. hleV

    LSSJ Broly Forms' Drawings

  3. +HottsaucE@+


    ive seen heaps of ppl saying that theres a lssj every 2000 yrs or so. is there any other info of other saiyans..? and wen vegeta goes ussj he says ur about to see a pl that hasnt been seen for 100s of yrs or so. so is there info of other ssjs or lssjs etc? havent seen all dbz eps yet but most i...
  4. Majin_Spyke

    Lssj brolly problem

    hey guyz i have a problem: when i replase ssj vegeta with lssj brolly (gg and kama) the lssj brolly has some problems:when i pres E(powerup) he swims and almost all the sequences are prety messed up can anyone help me?
  5. D

    LSSJ brolly-skin

    LSSJ brolly-skin WIP I've just started skin LSSJ brolly yesterday, so how is it? the creator of the model is movento, not me. I just skin it.
  6. M

    LSSJ Brolly

    i made a new brolly,any crits?
  7. DaKD

    LSSJ Brolly Wip

    Updates below
  8. D

    lssj ussj assj

    well i have seen the terms ussj lssj assj fro brolly vegeta and trunks....ne1 care to break those down and tell me what they mean?
  9. ZuL

    LSSJ Broli/Brolli/Brolly WIP

    Topic name says it all... currently working on Legendary Super Saiya-Jin Brolly. Here is a picture on a temporary image host (if you have any good hosts, send me the links to them by PM). Currently happy with: + The head really looks like brolly. + The ears look good enough...
  10. Mistery X

    Just to piss you guys more off, Brolly SSJ WIP

    lookie.. here is my latest work.. will be done eventualy.. soon.. I hope.. tell me if u guys like.. oh ya.. not for ESF
  11. A


    HII!!!!! i just want to ask if someone could make a Background for me in the size 1280x1024??? i know its big!! but i really want it pleaz!! Picture on........ Brolly (LSSJ/USSJ)....... Trunks(SSJ/USSJ)........ and uhmmmmm finally Gohan (SSJ/SSJ2) PLEAZ!