1. B

    Super Saiyan 4 Goku [Realism Version > not for cartoon lovers]

    well here goes hope u like it.... very very wip ;) Please go with C&C's and also don't be harsh :) In case it dont work link:
  2. OubliezJe


    There completly Redoing the whole game with better graphics. It was presented in the PS3's introduction, id ytou look at it on Its the day i have been waiting for.
  3. Eon

    For all you mecha lovers :P check it out, they even have a video of the thing walking, and it's actually armed. :O!
  4. Megasaxon

    for all you tool lovers...

    mind you not that there prolly is many on these forums, cuz you all seem to like ****ty music :p i took some caps from the salival dvd, and yeah ;) quite a few pics so depending on your connection, may take a while to load.
  5. P

    Vash And Wolfwood

    Vash And Woldwood This was made just cos i wanted to try out a new efx (the background, and the text colors), what do you think? Plz comment on Dev too if you can!!! plz plz plz I know its not great, but tell me what i can do to make it better and i will :P edit: what do u think...
  6. NightShade

    Music lovers help

    My fav songs are papa roach:last resort. staind:for you icecube: beep dying systems of down: chop suey u2: sunday bloodly sunday 3 doors down: kryptonite dmx: party up in here i have more but them are some of my favs. as you can see i like all types. but i need some good songs...
  7. S

    Masa Mune Model For all Yall Crono Trigger lovers

    Hey its me again the models is the masa mune of crono trigger for a mod Q3C The ref pic