1. Nuttzy

    i would like to thank god for a lovely birthday.

    get this, my mother gets sent to the hospital on my birthday, i take my first chance to hitch a ride and go over and check on her, and she was doing great, possibly talking about letting her go the next day. We talk for about 2 hours then decide its time to leave. within15 minutes after...
  2. G

    dragonball GT goku mod?

    i heard that someone out there had a dragonball gt goku. it is the goku as a kid and when he goes ssj he grows big and is ssj goku 4:devgrin: so if any one nows about this or has it ket me know please :devgrin:
  3. V

    Piccolo's tranformation

    Anyone else think that esf should have piccolos untransformed model with his cape and hat and when he does transform he looses the cape and hat? I think him jsut sittign and meditating and he jsut gains more p/l eh should have something diffrent when eh transform...
  4. M

    :: Some of my gfx ::

    Here they are, ill show some more later..
  5. T


    WoW man this is fricking cooooooool post here if u agree with me :p:p LUVVV ESF :D:D:D:D REALLY OWNING geeez some1 stop me!
  6. V

    Alternate Background, lovely!

    I've been annoyed by esf_namek_3's background so I changed it. Check it out. I might even release it to the public. Doubtful though. <MRA> esf_namek_3 alternate background -VideoGamerJ
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