1. Deathshot

    London Riots

    Now, I haven't really heard much on it since I gave up watching the news, but what exactly sparked this thing? What is your guys thoughts on this?
  2. Raven

    Who is from around London ?

    Hey guys, I'll be making a trip to London between the June the 4th and the 7th any one from London or around that can give me some Tipps on good clubs and locations that I need to see ?
  3. M

    Arrests Mar London's Olympic Torch Relay

  4. Damaera

    Hellgate: London

    Who got into the beta, or who's going to get it? I just recently saw that I got into the beta and I am installing it now, I will tell you guys how it is :)
  5. Gama

    London Expo

    Anyone going next month(26-27th)? I decicded I'll make the effort and go this time. for the lazy ppl the star guest going there are: Christopher Lee from Lord of the Rings Bobby Edner the voice of VAAN in FF12 Patrick Kilpatrick from Minority Report and 24 Amanda...
  6. J

    What happens when Gir goes to london?

    when gir went to london to meet ravendust! this is ravendust these are ravendusts friends! (now mine too :D) this is Dust after a few drinks :D
  7. Alteh

    London Underground? explosions What do you think happened?