1. Painkiller

    lolz dudes there is the esf.1.2.3 bg bots

    hey here it is this is a bg bots all that's different is that i modifyed a few speaches and ... i don't say that i created it! i just modifyed it ohh! just who ever want's bg-bots get this...
  2. J new lolz so help!!!

    hey just a couple of questions i already read through most of the other posts maybe i mised some or mis understood but any way Q1) with the 2 combos is there 1 for punching and 1 for kicking or are they a mixture of kicking and punching. coz i tryed agianst a comp fr like 3 hours and i...
  3. VeGeTTo


    HAppy Birthday!! nunumetal (26), qtcie (24), Seagon (22), Logan Vegeta (22), OmegaVader (21), SaBeRwOlF (21), 'Omega' (20), niobe (20), Chitenga (19), AeRoX (19), god (18), Virtigo Seven (18), Dark Knuckles (18), PepSpank (18), Lord_SkateDude (18), -=Sikko=- (18), ragnarok (17), Hassan Basri...
  4. Darkside

    mspaint work

    i was bored so drew a guy on MSPaint
  5. S

    just wanted to ask everybody -

    what do u think of my drawings? drawing skills? give me everything u've got! u think u suck? say so! u think they r most impressive (always wanted to say that...hehe)? say that too! everything that comes to ur mind! and b harsh! if u think im 1 of the worst just tell me
  6. Z

    god gundam andother skinners mappers and modlers

    i wanted to ask if some budy had some time to help us pleas do ( espechialy god gundam) we are making a mod called : the legend of zelda: smash time inthe first person you can play the game ocarina of time but then better and in the multy player you can play a sort of smash bros dath match with...