1. Kaination


    dude with a sword its alright. nothing special. man i havent drawn in ages. keep in mind im 14 so im not very good -.o :0 any kind of critize please kthxbye my friend drew the happy face ignore it :D:D:D
  2. Kaination

    Comic i made (LOLOL)

    supposed to be funny For you idiots who dont know, its supposed to be fairly odd parents. Dont judge the drawings, just tell me if its funny or not. (i did it in 5 minutes on flash)
  3. M

    New digital painting- Ashes-t1

    I made another digital painting that took me a few weeks. I made it entirely on photoshop 6.0, and i was inspired by my favorite movie {terminator 1 and 2....3 was good, but not as great as the first 2} Anyways, heres the link--->
  4. I

    Installer, Read (Ban Devil From All Server Installer Kit LOLOL)

    ok, ive been so mad at this *** little pick, that i created a installer kit to ban that ***git. just select your esf directory and run it haahha, (the exe is in the zip, just geocities wont let me upload exe) lololol i cant stop...
  5. DaKD

    Brolly from Movie 10

    Heres my first model taht i made from scratch and also my fist skin(which is undergoing heavy improvment i jsut wanted a preview with skin ^^) THIS IS LIKE A 50% PROGRESS PIC lol hah no more looking at pics of something that doesent exist. Il have new pics as soon as the new skin is done^^
  6. G

    LOL its so funny, I did the exsact same thing PROMISE I DID NOT STEAL!!

    Majin Vegeta Skin 2... I didn't copy LOL! i did the exsact samething, I promise I didn't steal'em and plus I think that mine suck compaired to Mr. Smo; but my friends wanted me to post them. *note i did not model just skinned* here is my normal too.... email me if you like it!
  7. S

    battle woundet veggi

    i made a battle woundet veggi (not done) ill ike to hear how it is so fare......o_o
  8. C

    For everyone asking me question

    Please stop ive quit the ESF team about two weeks ago and i dont check around here to often so please use other mappers as a refernce and for help untill i get back to the CP gamming mood again.