1. X

    Random mouse locks

    While I'm playing, sometimes the mouse will lock and no matter how much I move the mouse the crosshair and such don't budge. After a second or so it unlocks. This happens randomly and I have no clue why, help would be appreciated. :fight:
  2. Mystacx

    Help Me With Milkshape!!

    people i need your help: i have downloaded milkshape and install goes just fine. but when i run it it lockes up why is this???? im using windows XP proffesional! Please help me out!
  3. MaX

    Aurapack1.1 RELEASED!!

    here it is its got some fixes and auras are huge like in 1.0 anyway hope ya like and pics are inside. file is 1.3 megs. this changes transformation auras. extract the wrl files to esf/models. and then go ingame and enjoy and each lvl of the aura is diffrent.. so in console do this...
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