1. Suh Dude


    I haven't posted anything skinning or artwork related for a while. I haven't done much of em lately other than the SOTW's. I have been doing a lot of video editing and since this area needs some threads, I'll just post some works here. I made this a couple hours ago. Not for anything really...
  2. S

    Happeh Birfday Lith

    Happy birthday man! 18 ftw o/
  3. Kaination

    Happy birthday lith

    you are now 17 years old. You'll be needing this for the ladies. hehe
  4. Kaination

    SIG R1: Lith vs Jariroth

    Note: Do NOT post until both contestants posted their entries. If you do, I'll ask a mod to remove it, so it's easy to view the two contestants sig's. Theme: Ice. An icy scene could definately do good. Contestants: Lith VS Jariroth Entrys are due: Wednesday and vote is over on...
  5. P

    Modeling Help

    I was wondering if anybody could help me with modeling and such. Such as the basics to makeing a decent model. And maybe even make a model together. My MSN address is : My AIM ScreenName is : ShiningPaladin08 Thanks Alot!