1. JTM

    What are you listening to right now?

    Bringin' it back, yo.
  2. ZeroNightmare

    What are you listening to now?

    post a song that you happen to be listening to at the moment. i'm listening to hotel california... cus its old school...
  3. Damaera

    What song are you listening to? D:

    Children of Bodom - Aces High Remake. Uh, yeah. Post the songs you're listening to now D:
  4. Gama

    what u listening to?

    what ca listening to as in music or last thing u listened to me listening to: 112 - You already know next song prob be Ludacris - Coming to America
  5. C

    listening to mp3's

    how do i get to listen to music in esf, is there anything special that i need to do or just put the mp3's in the mp3 folder thanx :)
  6. Kaination

    What are you listening to right now?

    Just as the above reads, what are you listening to. Just to make it kinda fun, you can comment on the above person's song, whether you like it or not. IE: Me: green day - basket case Someone: Eh i dont really like that song, the singer sucks. Europe: The Final Countdown Someone2: blah...
  7. L

    What Cannes Film Festivel Winner's Novel Audiobook Are You Listening To Right Now?

    These threads have to stop. They are adding nothing but non-existant postcount++ and the amount of people who reply don't even read the other replies, or at most the person above them if it's one of those "poster above you" threads which, like the versus threads, just lead to drama. LET THEM DIE.
  8. Suh Dude

    What Artist/band/s are you listening to now?

    I'm listening to Gun & Roses, Pink Floyd, Metallica, And of course, Lil Ice ( Iceman D:)
  9. Big Kyle

    What song are you listening to right.... NOW Revived!

    Yes I am bringing this very popular thread back from the dead, and this one will not be closed at 1000 posts. So feel free to post your hearts out, as long as you are listening to music. Linkin Park and Jay-Z - Faint/Jigga What.
  10. Optimus Prime

    What song are you listening to right.... NOW!

    Switchfoot - Dare you to move. It's a nice mellow song. [If you're not listening to music, don't reply, simple as that =)]
  11. T

    please help me nobody is listening anymore

    i can't play because of my graphics somebody said but that's nonesens becaus i've got directx 8.1 and it still crashes at the moment i can choose characters. and yess i also have opengl my pc: 700 mghz 10 gigabytes amd duron 64mb windows xp proffessional so what should i do
  12. B

    ... pain ...

    - Down on my knees Hands stretched to heaven above Christ this pain is hard to live with Don't fill my heart with love Engulf my heart with vengeance You need to see our pain Don't fill this heart with love The truth needs to be told - inspired by a whole day of listening to soulfly...
  13. Ryoko

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Well I decided to create this through boredom ~_~ I am listening to: "The Vandals = I've Got An Ape Drape"
  14. TimTheEnchantor

    Some good music to listen to whilst creating..

    Beethoven, Mozart, Techno(i mean if you just listen to it and create, you can create alot of things). Studies have shown that people work better on beats rather than hard-core music... But anyhow..just a little blog to get some of your minds going if it helps you at's some of what...
  15. TimTheEnchantor

    Letter to Thy Love graphic..

    New graphic called Letter to Thy Love, I was listening to some really good music by Waiting for Autumn, and was quite awed at the lyrics, so I made something to a similiar effect...enjoy
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