1. Deman

    Lions Save an Ethiopian girl Other than the part about her being kidnapped and beaten repeatedly for seven days, I think this is a pretty cool story.
  2. Marauder

    Lions and doggys a spec OH MY

    well,im in to the animal drawings now..heh hes another abit messy around the wiskers...was hard for me ;_; if anyone has the skills for it and would like to color it idd be greatfull :P turns out they are all traced linda says
  3. Taurus 2112

    Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh MY!!!

    I'm here to ask what the people here think of the whole furry movement and community (people dressing up like animals as an alternate lifestyle). I am an active member of a specific online community and I enjoy myself there a lot and it is very real to me. Also if any of you are furre's please...
  4. N

    Lions lost again *sniff* *sniff*

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