1. T

    model maker

    Can some one tell me whats the best model maker that works for 1.1 model and works for esf models please i need to no i tryed 3 diffrnt model makers
  2. Marauder

    1337 trunks!

    well, my friend sended me a trunks model with REALLY ****ty Skin, so i took it and made it 1337 ^^ no credit again, cause i dont know who the hell made the model and the original skin taht i used and edited O_o...well, i think i did a good job ^^ here they are: crtz :?
  3. VivaLaPineapple

    niea experiments (wP)

    i suppose i should explain the name. the character designer for serial experiments lain also came up with the character designs for niea_7(niea under seven). so i decided to mix the characters aswell as the name.
  4. T

    somebody should make ssj3 vegeta (pic inside)

    I know its fake but its pretty cool, somebody should make it.. especially azn or mr smo.