1. TeKNiK

    Captain Peg Leg

    Meh, didn't know what to name this thread, but here is a model i've been working on for a couple of days now. It's an assignment, for one of my classes this semester. This duck weighs in at 1912 triangles.
  2. Suh Dude

    Don't aim Poppers at your leg.

    I'm recovered. The guy who ran me over paid for my crap he did to me. Good thing we didn't have to go to court. The guy was so nice, he gave me 100 dollars because he felt sorry for me. Anyways... My friend gave me a party poppers, the ones you pull and stuff shoots out paper . Well, I had a...
  3. ZuL

    Break a leg?

    Chop off one >.< Just some messing around with my tablet. First real try at ANYTHING with it.
  4. G

    dragon ball z leg of goku 2! HELP!

    hi can some one help me get the West City appartment B card if you can help me PLEASE HELP ME ! :)
  5. Jimesu_Evil


    The Father of Goku has decided to be part of ESF, and he asked me personally to help him get in! Not really, I just made a model of him. *Pic removed* -grOOvy This is an edit of Brollman's Bardock (I just made it 1.1 compatible, added a transparent scouter, and fixed a couple of other...
  6. S

    New pic of Teck from DBNG

    here you go: If you havent checked out our new site yet have a look at:Dragonball NG Enjoy, (new issue of NG out soon!)
  7. Logan4434

    new trunks

    ok i know i said i quit,but after thinkink a bit i got over it(the AIM thing wasnt my only problem just te one that botherred me the most)anyway here s that trunks spin was supposed to upload(i got sick of waiting and did it myself.btw over the next few days my site will be updated with 1.1...
  8. S

    bad guy from DB NG

    just a quick picture i did, i know the knee is wrong, im not saying who or what he is yet, but its just a lil taster
  9. grOOvy

    Sword Technology in ESF

    Ok here's something that I was thinking about... 1.1 will have Trunks use his sword for melee attacks. But it actually has no difference from normal melee as far as the attack is concerned. It's just a model with animations. I've been noticing SOOO many models being made on these forums...
  10. D

    Mini Vegeta (saiyan crusades )

    Hi Mistery and I ( DivX ) made a new model + skin for mini vegeta, rate it and give comments. :cool: Click HERE ! to see the picture
  11. TimTheEnchantor

    Preview of my newest work...

    This will be the longest single project to date by me, and I'll make it quite stunning when I'm done.. here's a preview: Preview here
  12. B

    Old Vegeta update

    here see pic :)
  13. Raven Blade

    Battle Damaged Vegeta

    Sorry I couldnt help myself....There is always 1 :D
  14. E

    Guess who

    I decided to do a drawing without a reference pic. So this is more of an artists rendition. I assume you guys can tell who this is...if you can't, I suck at drawing. Enjoy.
  15. I

    new vegeta-

    New vegeta hope you like it:D http://www.freewebz.com/iconz/newvegeta.jpg http://www.freewebz.com/iconz/vegetanew.jpg copy and paste the urls in ya web browser
  16. Kerozeyetzev

    Wheres a Brolli model?

    uhhhh not complaining or anything but i havent seen a single attempt to make a brolli model or even heard anything about one. i ask myself why this could be since brolli is one of the coolest characters ever. now i search for anwsers from all of my fellow esf fans. enlightenment...
  17. E

    Chibi Trunks (WIP)

    Here: tell me what u think so far yes i know the feet are diff colours LOL.....ill sort that out later as its not a proper skin, just coloured teh polygons
  18. E

    1st model....Rate plz

    I got bored so i thought id make a lil weopan its 300 summin triangles. MY FIRST so it aint evry good...plz comment http://dynamic4.gamespy.com/~bidforpower/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=85605