1. Optimus Prime

    Q1 results are in! Nintendo leading the pack,

    I honestly have to eat my words now, because I was a doubter from the beginning, especially after they announced they were calling it the Wii. Source.
  2. I

    Leading Sound-Cards

    I'm looking for a top notch sound card for audio recording. I stummbled cross a company called "Turtle Beach" and they have three products Riveria, Santa Cruz, and Catalina... so far I'm interested in Santa Cruz, but i want to know if there is anything about someone being the top leading "sound...
  3. MaX

    Help Modeling Prob.

    when i try to compile esf DEFAULT models or edited models by other people. it comes up with. \18/.smd not found???? whats that. please help. it never happens with other models for dmz ns or anything
  4. Bryggz

    question for any experienced animators(milkshape)

    ok ive done it accidentaly a couple times but it would save me SO MUCH TIME if someone could tell me how to do this....ok one time i had a beginning frame....and then i place the last frame....and all the frames in the middle (the ones leading from the 1st position to the last position) were...