1. DiebytheSword

    Lead singer of Warrant found dead.

    RIP Jani Lane. http://news.yahoo.com/former-warrant-lead-singer-jani-lane-dies-47-064029198.html
  2. Z Power

    Lead and Gold for $1.49!

    There is a sale going on for this cheap. Get it! http://www.impulsedriven.com/leadgold Its an awesome game. I am loving it! Edit: Its on Steam.
  3. R

    Help Required - Poly By Poly Technique

    I've been modeling off and on for a little while now, things have been interupting me as of late though. So I'm a bit rusty, and keep discovering new things. I used 3DS Max 5, I was curious as to how people do Poly By Poly modeling though? I've searched for the right tool to do it for sometime...
  4. Black Saiyan


    does anyone have just blank model(just skin) so i can edit it??
  5. I

    NEW Skins for every model.

  6. D

    show off ur bst work

    com here and show off ur greatest sigs or come in and have a chat
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