1. KYnetiK

    Looking for a new LCD monitor...

    Im stuck here with my 1024x768 CRT, and Im looking to find a good LCD for a decent price. Unfortunately, I have no idea how they have evolved since I first looked at them a long time ago. Im looking for something with a wide viewing angle, and good for gaming (ie proper black, minimal motion...
  2. Majin_You

    LCD ghosting D:

    Greetings, Tech Bench enthusiasts. So, I got up this morning and started up my desktop PC and began my usual regimen of ruling the forum with an iron fist, and I noticed that several avatars and the forum's "activity meter" were ghosting. I checked my desktop and, much to my chagrin, most of my...
  3. L

    Widescreen LCD Compatability w/New card?

    I just got a new PC and lost my Windows XP Home SP2 installation when they transferred all the data onto these newer HDD's. Which is odd, because they told me that the Home edition was illegal and the second OS I have on there, XP Pro stayed. The Home Edition SP2 is legit since I bought it...
  4. M

    LCD Monitor Recommendations

    It seems that only after about two years, my current monitor is becoming damaged, though I have no idea how. The only two things I've noticed is that in the top-left corner of the screen is cut off, and that there's some kind of damage to the screen across the top of the screen, though it's hard...
  5. KidMan

    LCD or CRT?

    I'm looking to buy a new monitor because my 15", 13" viewable monitor isn't cutting it anymore. So now I want something nice but not too big so i was going to go for a 17" monitor. The thing is, i get people telling me LCD's are better and I get others saying CRT's are better. Now I ask you...
  6. L

    LCD Flat screen help

    How do I clean a LCD Flat screen?..
  7. Chakra-X

    "Mode Not Supported" problem with LCD Monitor

    I recenty got a new flat screened monitor, a Plug and Play monitort Lt716s by "MAG". It works well, it automatcically adjust itself for certain screens i.e desktop, esf, ect. But when I try to start City of Heroes, it says "Mode not Supported". MY previous monitors could play city of...
  8. F

    LCD Monitor

    I have this LCD monitor its new. When ever i play esf if i turn or do whatever it gets all blurry. is there anyway i can fix this?
  9. X

    LCD display

    How does this look? btw I used to use tutorials all the time but this time I didn't use a tutorial so don't try to say I did.
  10. U

    LCD Video Problems

    Ok I have been playing ESF since 1.0 and I have had no problems. But then yesterday I turn on ESF and my moniter goes into Auto Config... So i quit ESF and that made my desktop into a squiggly wonder. well I had to restart a few times to re-adjust the configuration. I uninstalled ESF re...
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