1. I

    Increase Power Level, LBZ style?

    I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with LBZ aka Lemming Ball Z but I think it would be cool if ESF had LBZ's style of power level increasing. Where you can charge your Ki to boost base power level but doing so depletes your fatigue. having your fatigue drop to 0 makes your character...
  2. shadowcast

    LBZ Vegeta WIP

    This is a model of vegeta for the LBZ project, for those who do not know of it..its a nice little fighting game with some nice graphics...LBZ comes from mixing Lemmings and DBZ characters anyhow enough of advertising :P
  3. shadowcast

    My lbz goku

    Well im the official lbz modeler now :D................... This is my new wip goku Hope you like it Oh........some of my old work
  4. Booler

    New LBZ version.

    today menne finaly released a new version check it out :)