1. Damaera

    Question about Web Layouts

    Well, I'm going to make a Web Layout, but, I need to know the size! Yes, I tried downloading layouts to check the size but they don't show the exact size I need :x Help would be appreciated, no need to ahve a conversato unless you're trying to ask me something D: All I need is the width/heighth
  2. Escobar

    WIP layout crits and comments plz.. crits r important, but remember this is still very WIP
  3. S

    Infinity Streak Version 2.0

    It sucks but its better than the last. Created entirely in Ps, Ima get this coded by Stinger, lol. Crits wanted.
  4. owa

    Layout help.

    Hey, I know there aren't tuts for Layout making and stuff cause I tried to find some. But anyways I need osme help. - I need a detailed explanation of how the slice tool works. Weither one of you post it or you give me a link. - Just some baisic info on how I should begin the layout...
  5. OneWingedAngel

    Site Layouts

    Hey, Me and my friend just started a TFC Clan and well i was wondering if someone could give me a tutorial to how to make site layouts(For Adobe Photoshop 7.0) well thanks
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