1. Mkilbride

    The First Law Trilogy / Best Served Cold / The Heroes / Red Country - Joe Abercrombie

    Anyone read this mans books?! Each one is a freaking hit! I can't believe it. I read his first book and thought it was pretty bad, for the first chapter or two, then, as it continued, it just became so good, to the point I thought it could ONLY go downhill, but each book he adds, RAISES THE...
  2. Mkilbride

    New French Law: Punish men for insulting Wives

    So basically, if you're wife insults you, ti's fine, but if you insult her back, she can call the Police, plead her case, and get a shock thing placed on your foot. Utter absurdity, feminists have gone to far. I posted the link? Why isn't it showing up...
  3. M

    Anti-Piracy Law Passed

  4. Mr.Lukyas

    British funny law

    This is someting I found. Some of the funniest laws Of the great Brittany: -It is against the law to die in the building of Parlament -It is against the law sticking on the wrong side post mark of the queen Elisabet II -In Liverpool it is allowed for women to be topless if they are selling...
  5. DiebytheSword

    There's some new law in town . . .

    As you may or may not know, I recently announced my retirement from active duty. Due to this, we have promoted new admins, new super moderators and moderators. We have also created new positions, Mentor Moderators, who show the new guys the ropes, and head moderator, the apex moderator of the...
  6. TwisteR

    If you could make a law, what would it be.

    If you think theres a law that you think should become a one, what would it be? I think that older people, 65+ should have to take a yearly driving test, (if not twice a year) beccause some people get to the point where their driving skills arent all that great. They drive too slow, or cant...
  7. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Need help assigning bones

    I have a great model but i cant finish it i dont know how to assign the bones , and what program shoud i use?:cry:
  8. S

    future gohan

    heres a future gohan i made. its not done yet please give me crits sorry i accententelly didn't put on the pics i guess i was in a hurry
  9. Y

    Dragonballuniverse SSJ3 Goku model and skin

    Heres the first model ive posted on this forum, hope u like it o_o
  10. suicidal_maniac

    My new Siggy!!!

    My new sig. Critz are welcome.
  11. [SAS]Orion

    Which sig shoulg I use?

    Which sig should I use? I got two siggehs I like, and I don't know which to j00se oO Which one should I use?
  12. fatmanterror

    gene starwind model

    im makin a gene starwind model from scratch and its almost done ill have some pics soon, but does anybody know if there is an outlaw star mod already because my friend is about to start on one and thats what this model is for
  13. V

    Warez, cracks and hacks

    ANYONE who asks for any form of warez, crack or hack of ANY KIND will be banned from the forums, and possibly get their submask hard-coded into ESF as a BAN. In other words, you'd NEVER be able to play ESF again. Allowing ppl to ask for/exchange warez in our forums makes ALL of us reliable...