1. Tsunami

    Eidos Launching With Steam

    Hitman? Nice. Can't wait for Tomb Raider either.
  2. seb

    Launching ESF Error, And any other Third-Party Game.

    When I try to launch esf, or any other mod on steam. I get the error "This game is currently unavailable. Please try again another time" It's been it at it for awhile, iv been trying re-installing, no luck at it. Any ideas?
  3. TimTheEnchantor

    Alrighty, new portfolio launching soon..

    Will have pictures via digi-cam, along with some conceptual art along the lines of the internet. It's been a while since I've done this, but the first time I've shared my work w/ people other than my friends and family. Hopefully it will be launched within the next 20 days or so.
  4. D

    Launching Problem!!

    heres what i need help with..when ever i try to create a game or join that stupid blue screen pops up and i dont know what to do..HEEEELP MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!:talk: