1. RobiZ

    Duolingo, epic site for languages. Check this out.

    Ok so i was browsing around, and found this website Basically you can learn some popular languages like French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portugese. So far I signed up for spanish course(you can technically learn all the languages with one account). I'm digging this...
  2. Sicron

    You suck at speaking foreign languages? Get an Android! That's pretty awesome actually. Obviously, while not perfect just yet, it's a step closer to those language translating modules you see in Sci-Fi series.
  3. real goku

    manual in other languages

    this is not really a suggestion.. when 1.3 comes, will there be a new manual? and if it is so, wouldn't it be nice to have the manual in more languages, so the guys who don't understand english so well have the possibility to read it and understand everything?! but before somebody...
  4. OubliezJe

    What languages can you speak?

    topic says it all.
  5. CM

    What foreign languages do you know?

    state your native language, and all the foreign language you can speak fluently. Me: English (Native) Japanese (taking it at school), Spanish.
  6. RedSaiya

    bahh cant see some Languages :(

    I got Windows Xp , and suddnly i cant see some languages like in the icq , i see many "????" instand of the name. help.:S
  7. E

    Nederlandse Thread ->

    Ik heb hulp nodig bij mun Nieuwe MoD :) ik wil graag NLrs in mun Team want zo begrijpen we elkaar het best-> ADD me @ MSN !msn(in sign) (need a modelR MappR and codR and if u can help me withit Just add me .:tired: :tired: :tired:
  8. L

    PaintShopPro-sig-tutorial in german?

    So, anybody knows a German site with a PaitShopPro-sig-tutorial or something? It could also be in english but with much pictures, you know? :D
  9. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    How to insert my Picture???

    can you tell me how to put my artwork in this page ? if possible in german:rolleyes: but it doesn´t matter if its in english:fight: