1. A

    serial experiments lain

    has any1 seen this show its prety awsem iv onl;y seen one eppisode but its cool so far & any 1 no where i can get the eps?
  2. dudeman

    Serial Expiriment Lain WP's

    ive been watching SEL lately.. and whenever i watch an anime i start making wps of it :) the first one is kinda ****ed by the noise.. i wanted to remove it cuz i didnt like it but it was already too late :cry:
  3. VivaLaPineapple

    lain wp

    tell me what u think
  4. OneWingedAngel

    Sig should Me use?

    I'm wondering which Sig should I use so i'll post a poll
  5. OneWingedAngel

    My Lain Sig :D

    Well i took some time and created this sig towards Lain so here it is Put your input towards it
  6. L

    Anyone want this Serial Experiment Lain sig?

    I was workingo nt he real flames tutorial and liked the final product so much that i decided to just play with it alittle. i used some serial experiment lain pics in it and it actually turned out nicly witht he exception of the font. if anyone wants it. just tell me if yo want your name on it or...