1. hleV

    Changing Aura Model Lags for a Second?

    Hello. I have created a plugin which changes default aura model to custom one. Then, some pro told me that it lags for a milisecond when you turn on the turbo/swoop. I didn't believe him at first because I haven't noticed anything strange with the aura. Then, after losing 1 vs. 1 against him...
  2. M

    if i play it lags

    I have Fast Cable all the new stuff but if i play this game i lag O_O can Somebody say why Maybe because i life in The Netherlands
  3. D

    lags in server....

    i have a server, in 1.1 is worked smoothly with great fps and no lags at all. but after installed 1.2, it lags like hell, i used to have 20-40 ping there, and now i have 120-220. i have tried it on steam and on won. it lags both ways. what should i do?
  4. PsychoUSJ


    i see that on ESF servers a massive lags today...why?this problem should be fixed...grrrr
  5. shay

    repawn lags

    my problem is huge lags only when im respawning this is really bugung me cuz until i respawn somebody kills me!!!! this doesnt happens to me in cs or hl... plz reply if u know whats wrong... 10x..
  6. Cold Steel


    Well finally i'm able to compile with suc6! I want to show some pics, but i can't host them myself. Anyone?
  7. K

    Is there a Hyber Bolical Time Chamber map?

    Is there a map like the one in the gallery you can give me a link to or something? please tell me :] TY VERY MUCH :D
  8. G

    Some good water map

    :p Does anyone know some high water map with some air space??? And sometimes I can't submit reply to thread!!! Goodie,the crown of yewels...
  9. N

    My map ideas

    As some of you know that I am a crazy/creative here are some of my crazy ESF map ideas...I'll see which one gets the more votes and may be my fellow mappers would work on it...
  10. B

    My Map

    hi guys i got a problem what my map i got all LAGS in my map how get i it out i can zwem out my map !!! can some whan help my ? i hef pud funce_wall pud bud it not help!
  11. B

    dead lag:S

    well i was play my first game of beta and when i died(which was very soon) everything just stopped and lagged for a long time. i have an intel 82810 graphics controller i run off direct x b/c my graphics card wont support open gl. my cpu is a 566mhz intel celeron processor 128mb ram and...