1. MONXver2.0

    Black Lagoon

    Anyone seen this anime? I picked it up afew months ago and let me tell ya it roxors. :fight: Basicly a Japaness Business man fall in with mercs and their world. Sounds alittle cheesy, but it delievers fully! Think cowboy beeboop + trigun + alittle darker...
  2. Gama

    Basic Black Lagoon Wallpaper

    so i felt like making a really basic Black Lagoon wallpaper: What i did was line art a picture of revy which was bad quility, i wanted to keep it black and white for like a manga kinda feel to it added some blood splats cuz lots of blood in black lagoon and i didnt want to go to over board...
  3. Brim

    Black Lagoon

    Again, trying to breathe some life into this forum (I think it's because the two most watched shows are on fillers) I've made a thread about another new show I've been watching. Black Lagoon. Nothing fantasy or sci fi about this one (at least so far) it's about a group of mercenaries who...
  4. D

    where can i find new maps to download?

    is there a site etc where i can get the new maps? ie esf_lagoon Cause my crappy modem cant download them, dont ask me why:(
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