1. M

    Slow? Laggy?

    Hey mystic here i havent help out around here much YET so i thought to start off ill tell u guys about a program called 3d Analyzer. This program is for people like me with a laptop or people with low end computers that struggle to play HL1 or ESF. This boosts ur card and also tricks the program...
  2. Mattman243

    Very laggy play!

    I don't know why, but I get a very bad lag when I play online or have more than 2 players on my comp.! To avoid future Q's: I have a very good comp. I have all the latest drivers. I have the latest patch for esf. What is wrong???
  3. E

    laggy laggy laggy, new version

    ok for starters this has to do with something in the new version as the other version worked just fine, after installing the patch, havent changed any settings at all, everything is now vary laggy, my guy would only move like once every fes secounds, and when i go into the console or any of...
  4. U

    Laggy problem, im not the only 1 help!!!

    Hi, i'v played esf some mothns ago, then 1 day i installed hl, and esf and.... now all the servers of esf are having great lags for me.... i tryed to open ports and stuff, nothing helps, plz helllp! :cry:
  5. T

    Why IS ESF 1.1 Mutch more laggy then 1.1:S

    WTF esf 1.1 is more laggy then 1.0 why? wasnt it gonna be 1x lower lagg?????????wtf its to laggy but i have a great cpu 512 mb 2.4ghz but so what?;( ;( ;(
  6. M

    LAGGY!!! Help !

    I do not get it... I am lagging when i play esf or cs.. My ping is 30 but i am still lagging :cry: What is wrong?:confused: plz tell me... I can't take it anymore with that lagg!!!:cry: :cry:
  7. Cold Steel

    don't have name yet WIP

    Well this my first map. Just want some critz. Here are some pics. Just a reminder if the link doesn't work just pate and copy. You all know the deal.
  8. N

    Vegetto helper

    Hey, a while back i noticed alot of people trying to make high polys dbz models for new game engines like UT2003. Most of the time they slapped polys around without really thinking of whether they were necessary there, or whether they could be used somewhere else to add more shape, or for...
  9. V3g3t@


    what kind of maps are there anyway i want a cool namek map or so