1. V


    Yea.. When I play 1.3 in someone elses server, my ping rises up to 1700-2100.. 1.2 works withouth lagg in other servers.. Anyone has any tips how to get the lagg lower (withouth hosting server)? O_o
  2. M

    lagg's ingame

    when I make maps.. and are gonna test them ingame.. it laggs.. I have 5-10 fps :/ what do I do to fix it?
  3. P

    1.1 has so mutch more lagg then1.1!:cry:

    why has 1.1 lagg in evrey server?the esf team said it wud be 1x lower lagg then 1.0......but i think they havent work on it only update it couse some pep was pushingthem to have 1.1 so fast so now it sucks.....´now u gotta wait for 1.2 iff any pep complain about it to come fast it will be more...
  4. M

    When i die i lagg plz help

    I need Help plz. When i die the game laggs for me not ne one else unless i host. I got DSL wit a windows ME. This lagg doesn't occur on tfc or dmc, were you spawn instantly. Why does this happen? Why me? It's not fair i tell you, not fair............ :S Please help or tell me that im...
  5. T

    why the **** does 1.1 lagg?

    Why does 1.1 lagg for me?i got a great and fast computer do i have to change something config then tell me what to change i really need help
  6. T

    Esf 1.1 has more lagg then 1.0

    What the **** why does esf 1.1 have more lagg wasnt it going to be 2 or 1 mx lower lagg?I got a good cpu 512mb ram 2.4 ghz but anyway maybe it will be better if u download it all after 2 days!then i hope it will be better
  7. Cold Steel

    don't have name yet WIP

    Well this my first map. Just want some critz. Here are some pics. Just a reminder if the link doesn't work just pate and copy. You all know the deal.
  8. S


    hey im a mapper and i was wondering like in all your map the ground is so well made i mean some are just tooo well made i was wondering if you use gensurf? or other terrain generator i can also see where you hand craft..... i was wondering for future refrence incase i want to make a map for esf...
  9. Lt.Zack

    LAGG and speed isues

    I have an question how do I make it that I dont have soo much lagg I play online even by my self and it goes slow as hell and I have an cable modem it shouldnt be soo slow I swiched to the OpenGL but once I did the game is slow as hell is there and video option I need to change of do I need an...