1. A

    will there be SSj 4's in the l8er releases???

    as the tile states will the be a SSj4 goku and SSJ4 vegeta in l8er releases of ESF???
  2. imported_EVIL_GOKU

    Final Fantasy...will come L8er :(

    Damm 10 char
  3. Marauder

    Site layout Oo

    well its just the beginning layout, what do u think :?
  4. M

    wip brolly

    hmm im geting lil frustrated about non ssj brolly but heres ssj .. give me crits cuz i dunno wuts rong with this.. ppl at dmz just suck up i hate that **** http://forums.dragonballquake.net/attachment.php?s=&postid=21963
  5. Guru_San

    A Request for all Modelers!

    Hey guys, would ANYBODY be able to model a Samurai guy for me? i have but one pic of him. Its the red one from RPG Makers 2k. in the RTPe monsters file. I Will come back on l8er with pic G-S
  6. P

    kinda dumb question i guess

    all the evil and good skins out there, ummm..... theres only one .mdl in any player folder, like goku.mdl so how do i get it to have evil and good skins? u know what i mean? do i put the evil skin named evilgoku.mdl or something