1. Big Kyle

    Happy Birthday Kuwa (TeKNiK)

    Happy Birthday to you bud and heres some sexy cake.
  2. TeKNiK

    Kuwa's Brushing Tut.

    I decided I'd try to help out some of the people just starting with photoshop, so I made a tutorial that guides you through one of my brushing styles. How uncharacteristic of me, huh? I think the tut is easy to follow but i'd like to hear that it is from some people who are less familiar with...
  3. Suh Dude

    Hmm Thanks Kuwa..

    Well...I took up Kuwa's = Teknik advice..and it acually work. Play around brushes. Then smuge.. And Sharpen.. THANKS TEKNIK! -D *Current sig*
  4. TeKNiK

    Holy **** TekNik (Kuwa) Lives!

    Critz Comments?
  5. TeKNiK

    ph34r Kuwa's new sig..

    ph34r teh chibi kuwa everyone I've showed so far has asked if I used my splash for the letters ;( nope I didnt i just did some random brushing only its the same color. critz/comments btw please excurse the pixily edges
  6. TeKNiK

    Teh Kuwa Returns..

    Yeah whatcha think?
  7. TeKNiK

    Kuwa & Trons New Siggehs

    Sig Swap hehe heres the one i made for him.. hehe his should be posted soon..