1. D

    Darksun UP Kuririn Done (not releasing soon)

    THIS IS NOT BEING RELEASED FOR ESF UNTILL ZEQ2 IS DONE. Sorry, but I will be donating my models to Zeq2 before they are released to the public for other use. This goes for Goku and probably all my future DBZ models. So for now I guess just enjoy these renders: Sorry about the watermark...
  2. D

    Unlocked Potential Kuririn WIP

    I've never made a medium-poly model so this is my first time. It will be around 2500 in the end (1700) right now. So it will run fine in HL on current computer stats. (≈2000 should run fine)
  3. D

    Darksun Kuririn Re-Skin Complete

    Original Skin: Mastasurf Model: SSVegeta Model Reskin & (slight) tweeks Complete: I also decided to redo the gui images! :D good evil GET IT HERE! OR HERE!
  4. gohan12

    Name für den "Followbeam" von Kuririn !!!

    Ich weis wie ihr den Followbeam von Kuririn nennen könnt, Kankusan Ha ist der Name !!! Und die "Special Beam Atack" von piccolo solltet ihr bis zur nächsten version in "Höllenspirale" umbenenen!!! Es hört sich einfach SCHEIßE an!!!! Es heist ja auch KameHame Ha, und nicht "*** beam...