1. N

    happy birthday to kurachi

    let's just say: happy birthday let's sing =p
  2. Z


    i once made a promise about 1.5 years ago to kuriachi that i was going to model kurachi (the fusion of goku gohan vegeta trunks ) he called him kuriachi cous h thinks that means strenght wel it dousnt and thats why i game him the cool name kurachi wel without further ado here is kurachi
  3. Kurachi

    The guy i call Kurachi

    how about having the Goku-Vegeta-Gohan-Trunks fusion with his own attacks and his strong power i called him Kurachi but you can call him Gogetanks too ... because he's an unknown guy i made him a starwarrior so maybe he has Kamehameha, final flash, spirit bomb and other strong attacks with...
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