1. B

    Lets talk about krillen

    he is waay to hard to trans with, and is very overshadows by boo, who isnt much slower then kril while transed, has mor hps, and can get cookies to reheel his insane hps. and thats only when there transed, kril is no compatishion to boo while in norm, also boo gets pl alot faster 2, and even...
  2. B

    Do u think vegeta and krillen take to long to transform??

    vote wheather u think vegeta and krilen take to long to trans. i think they do it take me about 40-56 min to trans with vegeta and krillen....i nevr got to mystec in 1.1 :)
  3. A

    krillen's transformations...

    just starting conversation but is any one else curious on how there gonna implement krillens stransformations??? i mean dont get me wrong the mystik krillen is fine hell hes really fast too but... what about when krillens gotta go up against ssj3 goku??? i doubt some mystik krillen wil cut it...
  4. H

    Krillin Models

    Anyone know of a good model to replace Krillin? I've used the search, and the only one I could find was one of Tien, and one with him in armor, and I don't really like either. Anyone know of another one?
  5. G

    New Krillen model This is a new Krillen model I made. Its really not that great, and has quite a few polies too(2400). I was bored and I did not spend much time on it. I see the problems with the neck and torso, I want get better and learn so if you see any...
  6. Skyrider

    Krillen attack!

    i just saw on the serie's ( on my computer ) that krillen did a SLOW attack, but it whas very powerfull, he did this attack on the sayba man's! those little green guys! 4 of them! i didnt think this whas added in esf! *edit* this whas in saiyan saga! ( Compleetly in the beginning )
  7. Wyatt


    Why does every1 suggest that esf should scrap krillen for goten? Just wondering what attacks would make goten a much "cooler" player than krillen. Kamehameha? hmmmm. More transformations hmmm.?
  8. SSj Gotenks

    hey Krillen Idea

    Hey I saw Krillen Holding Goku's SB, in a Vegeta vs goku fight and I was wondering If that attack can be implemented in a next release. I think it sure would be neat. It looked like he was throwing a big bang attack. BTW I know this isnt in the suggestion forum.. sorry To lazy to retype.
  9. MrMasj

    Krillen unkown moves

    Well me and a friend (Eldarion) whant to present some pics we took ingame =) with help of the funny imortality bug well here we got Krillens new Mystic move. And the new, one hand FinalFlash...
  10. M

    Krillen's PL

    Ok, The only dragon ball z episodes i have seen is up to the point were buu is defeated. So Dont go calling me a newbie for what I am about to say. If you all looked at the ESF Game play manule ( you can download it here, and look at Krillen, under the Characters tab, you will notice, he has...
  11. S


    Hey ya'll,im still kinda new to dbz so please dont hurt me I was just wondering if any of the androids were ginna be in the beta,especially 16(the big dude with orange hair and green suite),becouse he is one of my fav characters,and i would luv playing as him.Please be nice if this stuff has...
  12. R

    Dumb Krillen Bug

    Ummm, tell me if you fixxed the bug when u charge up the ddisc, u can power up(ki) and move at the same time, i just figured this one out yesterday
  13. S

    Where are Buu,Krillen and Gohan gone!

    Plz help I just got ESP V 2.0 Alpha and i cant see Buu Krillen or Gohan There just a grey outline of Piccilo is this supposed to happen? Plz help!:cry:
  14. M


    well recently playing krillen (for fun and getting owned like a baby ownz a soother and other than taht hes supper slow and has no ki but tahts beside the point :p ) i figured that krillen could have kao-ken cuz at majin-buu saga krillen and all the others go to king-kia and i think if he had...
  15. G

    Models in alpha2

    Hello i'am french and i speak a little english !!! I don't see all of the model in 2.0 !!! is it normal ??? And what is the avancement of the beta ??? Can someone please help me !!! in french if he can or in english !! Thanks at all team and at you
  16. Y

    Tien in ESF?

    Does this mean that tien might be in future ESF realeses?
  17. ultrassj_vegeta


    hmmm the new model is nice... but for some reason he looks disproportionate... or sumfins...
  18. R

    Where I find skins ?

    Where i can find the gohan, krillin and buu - skin ?????? When I play the game i have grey model.......... Please Help :cry:
  19. Synth

    Krillen's Transformation

    I like playing with krillen from time to time and i was wondering what his transformation will be(if any) i figure he grows the mushroom haircut.
  20. Fate

    Why Krillen?

    Ok, why do we have Krillen in the game? No one ever uses him cuz hes too slow, his kis 2 low, his only good attack is destructo disc, but people use Cell or Frieza for disks, so why do we have Krillen? We should have Tien instead. (We cant have Yamcha cuz in the Buu saga he said he stopped...