1. RobiZ

    Korin's Tower

    Korin's Tower So I've been working on Korin's Tower model for a less than month now. Here are some pictures where I've managed to get. I would say i have a 90% done models exterior (just the model without textures or maps and interior). Maybe I'll find some bugs and fix them. Also I have to...
  2. Raeku

    Korins Tower.

    Im busy with a map based on Korins Tower. I have been looking for refs everywhere and I can only find a pic of a part of the tower.. and that is rather a small pic. Could someone please help me with refs or a link to a good site? Thanks in advance.
  3. Ranma

    I know this map won't be in beta, but..

    Alright, i know this map won't be in beta, but since beta isn't out yet anyway, well, heres my question, I went to red sayjin, and went into ESF maps, i saw the korin tower one, i dl it, and put it in the correct folders and such, but when ever i click create game and choose that map, the...