1. U

    why didnt koola use his maxium power in movie

    if frieza can able to control his energe then neither then koola. why wasnt he use his 100% power in his final form just like his brother did? maybe goku wouldnt get the chance to save earth...(if koola really something else in his normal stage of final form...i doubt this would be interesting!!)
  2. U

    frieza + koola vs earth military(in reality)

    i wonder what happan if the fight's over...... can our country able against frieza's power? becuz this is some idea when i watched war of the world.
  3. Gogeta91

    jap koola soundpack

    I mad a jap koola sounpack and ill be posting a link soon.
  4. shadow_wolf

    Koola soundpack

    does anybody have a Cooler soundpack or is anybody interested in making one because i have the model my aim is akashadowolf if u wanna send it to me or if u want a link to a video or something i cant give u one thx in advance if theres one here
  5. D

    My Kooler And Metal Kooler Skins!!!!!!

    I made some really bad ass skins, these will replace Frieza of course, Kooler and Metal Koller!!!!! So if you want em' get em here or at the home of the [SSJD]! All credit goes to me and and our Clan. Thanks! I think you'll like em! Kooler- www.geocities.com/vengenceforever/Kooler.zip...