1. N

    My Art Topic

    I thought I might just post my newest creation, I will add some more crap soon once I get my lazy ass into gear.
  2. K

    New background

    What you think? http://uk.geocities.com/nkoblun/amybg1.jpg
  3. K

    Hey Naz....

    I tried my luck at a Pro with PSP 7...it turned out no where NEAR as good as yours. Here it is... Any tips?? Is thyere anyway to make them better in PSP 7 if ur on a tight budget and can't afford photoshop OR 3dSmAX
  4. K

    Koblano's Sig Thread

    I'm done with having a new thread every 2 dayz. Maybe this'll help. I'll show off what i've been up to in the last little bit.
  5. K

    Got a new sig

    Needed a new sig host (thanx Lee :devil:) But i tried a grunge. It my first grunge ever and i didn't use any tut's or anything .What u guys think???
  6. Vegeta's Briefs

    For Koblano

    Your PM box is full, so I'll just say it here. Yeah, it's almost suppertime, but let's chat.
  7. K

    New Psych Sig

    Better than my old one? Naw, i didn't think so either. but it is kewlios!!!
  8. K

    Useless your sig...and showin it off too

    Critz? Anyone like?
  9. K

    New siggy. Critz plz

    Dig this.
  10. C

    broli sig

    Can someone make me a sig of broli? i'd like one where he's like standing up strate and like you scroll down and you see krillin.....who only come's up to his boot.... :devgrin:
  11. K

    Just showing off my new sig. Anyone like?

    ??anyone like??
  12. S


    Sorry everyone for putting this here, I tried sending him a private message, but his mail-box was full, so it wouldn't send. Koblano, I got this sig from a friend, I don't know what your talking about how it is yours. Moderators, I'll give you the e-mail of the person who made it if you want...
  13. J


    CONGRATZ DUDE!! (yeah it's his birthsday) :) i hope you are gonna live long (not too long though :p)
  14. J

    your sig koblano

    here it is :) <img src="http://www.ffweb.barrysworld.net/koblanosig.jpg">
  15. D

    Hey All Sig Makers

    post your best sig here so i make a poll with examples... thanx
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