1. Zeonix

    Gorbachev Murders Putin with Knife;

    Then wakes up. Oh, and he's also forming a new political party independent of the Kremlin: Source:;_ylt=ArYkZyHYgLiqqRu5AsitMYUDW7oF
  2. dan_esf_fanatic

    Holy crap.....Man wakes up under autopsy knife in Venezuela...damn doctors... Remind me not to take an afternoon nap in Venezuela.
  3. Green Wolfos


    (Still wip :laff: :shocked:)) Note: this is my first ever model, and since I'm using 98, I used Milk Shape 3d Hope you like it! O_O *EDIT* Does this work?
  4. Green Wolfos


    Please delete. Sorry for the accident! :laff:
  5. TehMuffinMan

    Non player .mdl help

    righty then... you know the .mdl's that are in the esf/models section.. the ones that are NOT in the player section like sbc.mdl. im having problems with them and im shure many others do too.. you try it... decompile one of those models in ms3d then try and compile without chaging...
  6. VivaLaPineapple

    soon to be the ultimate animation these are my character concepts. its going to be counter strike animation but with alot more action then most cs movies. i made myself a character which is the one on the right. well what u guys think? its all drawin in flash 5
  7. T

    Im going under the knife...

    tuesday 1/14 through next monday 1/20 ill be in the hospital for surgery... so i will not beable to even see a computer.... but i hope i make it out ok.... so ill see u guys when i come back...... IF I DO HAHAHAHAHA!!! ;D :S What im pondering is if thats a good thing or not... lol see ya...
  8. Chimpbot

    I have a request..

    Okay.. I have a simple request.. I've been looking for a model to replace the HWGuy from TFC. I wanted a model of Gundam Heavyarms.....but alas, none could be found. Now.. If any of you could possibly make a model.. I'd be extremely happy :D
  9. H

    Help needed for HLGuard support

    So .. I need some model filename .. like 'models/p_knife.mdl' crowbar or knife model would be best oh .. and I need moddir name too :)
  10. I

    Goten!!!!...a fusion member^_^ check it out..and don't be lasy.... and here a flatshaded pic (when he wasn't finished
  11. S

    pimpin? hey its my job

    I have some Models done over the ages a knife Car and my plaine tell me what you think