1. L

    kioken or something

    I am not sore it's kioken (don't remmember the sayiyan sega) the charge the attack the link
  2. M

    Kioken or rage modes

    This has probally been mentioned before but wouldn't it cool to have maybe a Kioken or rage attack. For example, when Goku uses kioken, it could either be a burst of power to save you from an oncoming blast or to get someone with a quick, powerful hit that would do more damage than a regular...
  3. W


    i was thinking..... why ESF doesnt have the most coolest attack? can the developers built a KioFist attack for goku? it will be SUPER-COOL! its like an SSJ, but its in the attack menu, and there red aura and fire, and a special model for it, with big muscles and red hair! and he screams...
  4. Quicksilver


    Is it possible to give Goku Kaioen...? And another Question.... Why is it only goku thad got a Special Ability.... all the Men Shuld have one.... FX. Picollo Shuld have regenaration Too.... but not as and attack just so thad he regenarate life slowly... and Buu Ability to Absorbed Other :)...
  5. K

    KioKen Goku

    Well i dont know if this would be a model edit but i guess it is. I made this just for the heck of it to see if anyone one would be intrested by it. If this is a edit i guess it is my first model edit!:laff: Link to pics: If...
  6. G

    Goku and Kio-Ken

    I was just wondering if anyone could tell me if Goku will ever get this ability and if so which next patch will it be in?
  7. P


    umm...that's the move of goku's...i thiink..when he chrages up and gets an intense power level for a limited time...i think it would be pretty cool... but a side effect to using it would be that it eat up your KI REALLLLLLLLY fast...depends on what level you want it to go on...1,2,3 etc...
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