1. Disguise

    Kings of Kai: Ascend

    I know the forum competition is over, but I thought this might be a good one to consider. The Kai are the Gods over the universe, but in the series, the characters become even stronger than the Kai and eventually the Dragons themselves (I see the potential reference of GT as an added bonus)...
  2. -Origin

    Kings of Leon - Only by the night

    Anyone got this? It's a little different than the music I'm used to listening to but I really like the singer's voice. Some catchy and moody tunes too. If you haven't listened to it yet, give it a try. D:
  3. S

    Steven Kings IT (book, spoilers)

    seeing no other place to put it, I just finished this book, it kicks ass. So has anyone else out here read it? The movie version sucked tho in comparision to the book, so innacurate >.<. So what do you guys think the Turtle symbolizes? my best guess was that it was god, but then it died, and...
  4. X

    KINGS!! help a gurl pleze

    all u have to do is click this link *link removed by grOOvy* and then follow the directions click the number it tells u to and click "Join Army" u have to register but its totally free and its a fun game plus i need strong guys to help me out ;) i appreciate it lots of luv and kisses tank...
  5. Lt.Zack

    Kings of Chaos, Free multiplayer strategy game (over 150000 players)

    Hey anyone bored? well if you are or if you just want to play a fun turn baised strategy game.. so if you want to join my army, be one of my officers (allows for my protection from attacks since you will be just starting) or you can start on your own...anyway click here to findout more or sign...
  6. S

    the three kings

    if u think u have what it takes to be the best come and see me :devgrin: First: Elmo (me) Second: Zepher Third: SaTaN so if u think u can beat us post in the thread but i dont think u could get past even me :devsmile:
  7. S

    beat the three kings

    if u think u have what it takes to be the best u must fight has. First: Elmo (me) Second: Zepher Third: SaTaN see if u have what it takes
  8. E

    Kings of Chaos age 2

    yo age 2 of Kings of Chaos has started, JOIN MAH ARMY!!! *link deleted*
  9. D@nte

    kings of chaos

    hey guys, if you get bored during the long hours behind your computer yould try this game. its aboud middle earth, you do not have to install anything just snap this link and read the rules. by the way if you go to the link youll help me fortify my...
  10. R

    i need help on kings of chaos

    could u guys pls click on this link and sign up in my army pls i need help badly cos im gettin wiped :cry:
  11. P

    Asheron's Call 2: Fallen Kings

    well i have the beta, got too say, its THE best mmorpg i have ever played, and the retail is even more great! plus it dont cost much (15$ a month) heres what it is for u newbies Are you ready for the next generation of multiplayer role-playing games? Asheron's Call 2 Fallen Kings combines...