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    ESF Kidz

    Quick Note: WTF is happening aobut ESF GT Kidz The ESF teams said they where redirecting their efforts to the ESFGT Kidz..... Meing....???? What? Will they still make ESF
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    esf KIDZ ?!?!?!?

    The f u c k ? GT ?!?!?!?!? First of all, Dragonball GT is b u l l s h i t !!! It wasn't made by Akira Toriyama and it's totally pointless. At the and of DBZ, they're strong enough has it is. And if you want kids, just but Gotenks and it'll be enough. About the new model on the news page, are...
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    ESF Kidz

    Sorry for my english... I thinks that's a very bad idea that you have cause if a lot of people play at your mod, it's just cause it's so fun to use dbz perso, and i think that everyone prefers Dbz to Dbgt or something that never exist!O_o
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    ESF Kidz