Kiddies on the net

    In these forums there are some kids here that are like 10 and 11. And they know net lingo such as: "lol" "lmao". When i was that age i wasnt on the net 24/7. I never used it unless for school projects. So u older guys, what do u think of these kiddies being active members of the net community.
  2. DiebytheSword

    Atomic Divisions concept art

    Here's some stuff I'm working on for AD. Half Orc Barbarian Elf Ranger Human Barbarian (female) Human Barbarian (male) Cut and paste for the goodies kiddies. And don't forget this stuff is strictly for AD, no ripping or altering without my permission. Thanks ;)
  3. S

    hey kiddies! i got a background!

    hahaha well its just a joke background i made at 2am after a 12pack of mountain dew...boredom, a chemistry book, and a whole ****load of caffeine went into this one