1. john_volkov

  2. Growler


    Wow - It's been a while since I have modeled... well, this took me about 45 mins.
  3. V

    KidBuu Reskin

    Credits ProjectX:Model Voslung:Animations/Skin Me[Vegito]:Reskin Crappy Reskin Only Took 30 Min Still I Want To Hear Critz So Critz?
  4. Nuttzy

    super android 13, calling all skinners

    well a few people told me they were goin to put him ingame, and to my knowledge never did, im tired of getting requests for him so im going to release him, ive got im ingame, assigned properly with a set of animations heres a short video clip...
  5. K

    Kidbuu model please!!

    I mean it when is someone going to make a kid buu model. People keep posting models of kid buu but there for other mods and other people keep saying that there amost done but that was a long time ago. I WANT A KID BUU!!
  6. G

    kidbuu skin

    <majindave> modelled and skinmapped me skin