1. Mkilbride

    GeForce GTX 680: Kickin ass, and taking names.

    So the new 680 is out and reviews are in. This is incredible... Not only is it cheaper than the uses less power..and at stock runs faster than a OC'ed 7970 as well. It is about 80% as fast a 590, which is 2x580's. Such a leap! The thing is a beast! There was so many rumors...
  2. Ravven

    Gohan - Back and ass kickin' model ;D

    Hi guys! After long vacations/work in England I'm back!!! :D I know... you all missed me ;) :P So I've decided to finish my old project - Gohan. Here are some pics of him: Progress report: I've finally finished the hairs. Still need some work however (i mean back - look at them ...
  3. Seph`

    Brand new 4$$ kickin sig!

    What you think?
  4. Hsu

    First wallpaper

    Well this is my first wall paper. Not much to it but I like how it turned out. I will accept any comment and how I can make it better. Thank you QuickSurfer for uploading it on a fast server.