1. Disguise

    should kiblob attacks reduce stamina?

    It'd give the move potential to set up a finishing attack if the person was low enough (like a kiblob did in the last version) and some purpose in using it. Otherwise I can see people favoring a ki blast instead.
  2. I

    Kiblob Bug

    I'm not sure if it's true, but I heard there's a way to fix the kiblob bug for your server. If so, how do you do it?
  3. D

    Kiblob Bug

    I'm not sure if it's true, but I heard there's a way to fix the kiblob bug for your server. If so, how do you do it?
  4. Demize

    Ki-Blob Glitch

    Ever since 1.2 has come out there has been a glitch with the Ki-blobs. I'm sure you guys are aware of it but if not I'll explain it. Sometimes when a person shoots 2 ki-blasts at something the ki-blob appears and doesnt grow past the first size. Instead of it going away it stays and...
  5. R

    kiblob issue

    Hey people, Hey, just recently i started playing ESF, love it thank you to the team who made it :laff: But i just noticed that when someone blobs the blob does not disappear and after a long game all the blobs brings my FPS down to about 10. my comp specs are not that great, Geforce...
  6. S

    Problems with kiblob

    I'm having problems with kiblobs. When i am shooting at one point with kiblast i should make a kiblob, right? So i shoot and shoot, then i fly to the point i shoot at and i take damage, BUT i don't SEE any kiblob. The same is hapening with other attacks (beams, balls and etc.). Maybe it's...
  7. L

    How to kill 20 people with a ki-blob

    Recipe : 1.Take a level with dragonballs (e.g. wubigarena) and choose Freeza. 2.Then power up to 10 Mill with the help of the dragonballs. 3.Then transform into Freeza2 and go into one of the upper corners of the level. 4.Put 20 bots into your level. 5.Press t (Turbo) and shoot 10 ki...
  8. C

    kiblob from vegeta

    what do u think of the kiblob from vegeta
  9. ssjFajita

    KIblob water bug. ki balls don't move!

    I run ESF off Software mode on my comp (ewww). I was underwater shooting kiblobs at my opponent when I noticd that the little ki atacks were getting stuck and had stopped moving once they had reached the edge of the water and were about to go out to the surface. Now, yes at first it seemed that...
  10. S

    Kiblob bug

    I tested around with this and I found something. If you let your PL drop to nothing, and fire a single kiblob on yourself, it wont do any damage. However, if you fire 2 or more to the point where that ki bubble forms, that will damage you. The damage sound plays, but no damage is inflicted.
  11. P

    suggestion for the kiblob

    um the ki blob looks kinda queer su im suggesting if the kiblob could be opaque .you know uhh pure bright shining wite??like the sun :) and not transparent white if a ki blobob explodes with another kiblob within its blast radius then that kiblob will explode to right??? it should, i mean...
  12. Zealous

    Get rid of the kiblob!

    I really think we could do without the kiblob. It seems as if the pattern is almost the same in every server. a.) Somebody melees you do the ground. b.) They fire the little ki blasts and kiblob you while you're getting up. It's very annoying really. Maybe to counteract for the kiblob...
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