1. Drmt`

    secondary khh

    ok i know u woun't like my suggestion or it was already suggested , but it's worth a try :) here i go :D let's say when goku turns ssj he gets secondary khh , its like a flash and does damage only in close distance. it would look somthing like this: (sorry my paint skillz ar crappy xD ) i...
  2. M

    if there is a Yamcha model somewhere he should have burning attack fix for KHH! and that way he will use the KHH as he uses his "SPIRIT BOMB" attack if he=>replace Goku or if he replace other characters then chnaging their most powerful beam with that fix... usually weapon 4 (I was just sadly {due to lack of...
  3. D

    K-H-H disappeared

    i fought a battle with 7 bots at kamis "white" room. After the bots and i reached a powerlevel about 350 000 000, my kame-hame-ha beam disappeared. I wasnt able to see the beam & explosion and the attack made no damage. the other beams worked as usually. i dont know if this is a specific problem...
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