1. Mkilbride

    Most amazing Keyboards ever...Steampunk... For Padre, a priestly computer tower. For the Industrial Age lover in all of us:
  2. sub

    Good Keyboards

    I need to buy a new keyboard and I'm looking for something cheap, but that will accept a lot of simultaneous key presses at once. I've found two keyboards that can accept a lot of simultaneous key presses, but both were over 100 dollars. Can anyone recommend anything?
  3. Phobius

    The future (The need for no more mouses and keyboards)

    I watched this video and I was amazed what this Jeff Han has developed and I believe this screen alone will make the keyboards and mouses absolete and put more control with the users instead of trying to using a clunky mouse to do things. I'm just curious how much a unit would cost if they do...
  4. Akhkaru

    damn keyboards

    ok, i have got to be doing the goddamn dumbest thing ever. my keyboard broke, not physically, but just in the configuration. i am using an on screen keyb. and ****, anyone actually want to help me?
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