1. S

    Happy Birthday KelesK!

    Happy birthday ^^ 21 this year as well, hope you have a good one man!
  2. |Overlord|

    Happy Birthday Kelesk

    Happy Birthday Kelesk o/. Have a women: Infact, have two pics of the same woman :).
  3. I

    KelesK - Chaos' Beginnings

    This torture, this pain; it began many millennia ago. Back before the great Cucatoth’s presence was made known, even before he himself became a god. Before the mighty machine, Synth was created and before the sinister Rocky was unleashed upon the earth. It began on an island in the middle...
  4. I

    Hey KelesK!

    Happy birthday guy. And may there be many more to come. Have a nice one man. Man there's a lot of birthdays in July.
  5. I

    KelesK - The Past and Present

    Well this is a story I typed up today, if ya'll like it, I'll get another part written. _____________________ "Now learn to harness the vapors that surround you KelesK." Said a deep voice, this belonging to the god of water. KelesK struggled and eventually fell to his knees, overpowered...
  6. Deverz

    Kelesk, Bring it :F

    The title pretty much says it all I wanna give you a test run :P