1. B

    Kamikaze Ghost Attack can one make this attack???

    Hi I have a question can one of you make a kamikaze ghost attack because i have a gotenks model for krillin and i search this attack for my model thx^^
  2. D

    kamikaze idea

    heres my idea i think since everyone could potentially do this in the series that everyone should be able to kamikaze like charge up therir energy for five seconds and let all their energy loose in a big explosiion but with a few rules to it like you have to be below 3 hp or something
  3. X

    Which Super Buu would be in ESF? My Suggestion...& Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack Idea

    I know I started a poll on this before on ESF Chat but not as a suggestion... Most people wanted the original Stupid Buu. But He lacks attacks and I think it would be best if either Super Buu with Gotenks and Piccolos powers or Gohan + Piccolo's Powers because he does more attacks than he...
  4. Bryggz

    Gotenks Preference poll

    hey guys i dont want to waste metro-tek's time by him making 3 skins when he can just make 2, so ima ask this one question......first form of gotenks, want him normal or ssj? (plus it makes it easier for me to make 2 models, not 3 :) make those votes! itll make the release quicker
  5. Holy Crusader

    Vegeta Kamikaze

    I was thinking, you guys once suggested Vegeta's kamikaze attack which he used on Majin Buu. Now that I think of it, it should be in. but to make it not spammable you should make it with a longass charge time...like the FF charge time except a lil longer maybe. That it'll kill anybody who isn't...
  6. fatmanterror

    Need a helper

    hey im gonna make a gotenks and ssj3 gotenks model to replace krillin, but i was thinkin, itd be cool if a sprite artist could make his follow beam look like the kamikaze ghosts, that would rule and i would appreciate it so much
  7. Ranma

    Super Ghost Kamikaze atttack

    I'm not suggesting it, simply wondering something, lets say you WERE to put it in (not saying you are or not, maybe an attack for super buu in the later beta's) anyway, i want to know how you might handle it. Would it attomaticly home in on an enemy, or would you control it like you can the...
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