1. Majin_You

    Happy Birthday kam!

    You're, finally, out of your teens and into your twenties - the golden age of drunken debauchery and related bricabrac. Have an outstanding day!
  2. M

    SIG.#2 R3: Ar$enovicius vs kam!

    SIG.#2 R1: Ar$enovicius vs kam! Sorry guys, I named the threads wrong, all of these are still in round 1. ROUND 1 Note: Do NOT post until both contestants posted their entries. If you do, I'll ask a mod to remove it, so it's easy to view the two contestants sig's. Theme: Anime, just use any...
  3. VorteX

    my mad ms paint skillz!

    click here to see
  4. VorteX

    gokus kam is to big

    i think that once goku goes ssj his kam is to strong i get so far away but he still kills me in 1 shot, and i cant bock cuz im krillin and goku has a pl of about 4 mill when i hjave one of 1.5, and i have a ways till i can go mystic.