1. gigirs50

    kaioshin planet(work in progres)

    starter :yes:
  2. S

    Kaioshin as new character.

    Well.. iam kinda huge fan of Kaioshin and i tought of a good way to have him as player character. starting ki 1.125.000 -Kaioshin- Melee Genericbeam (blue) Shin Cannon (used against gohan in the turney, should be like a melee from afar, but should drain quite a ki.. the more charge the...
  3. A

    Request: Kaioshin Planet

    I was wondering if anyone would be interested in making a map of the Kai planet. I would do it myself but im not that good at mapping yet....
  4. P

    Kai planet

    I think that someone should make a map for teh kai planet. I think that the z-sword should be put in too. I would attempt to make it but im working on a model right now. Think about it
  5. C

    Supreme kai

    i hope that there is a supreme kai in de newest beta because the supreme kai rulez ;) and buu too, the fat one and evil kid buu. :yes: ;(