1. H

    Gohan's music during cell junior fight - Need info

    Hey guys... After gohan kills the first cell junior, he then goes down to the other two near krillin, then some music pops up, anyone know the name of it? Every search i do brings up the fast paced gohan vs freeza music. Thanks
  2. D

    vegeta junior

    What do u think of that first draft and i have one question: how do i skin the model http://img328.imageshack.us/img328/8445/jrvegeta2yu.png
  3. D

    cell junior vs. frieza

    who would win? :confused:
  4. A

    garlic junior in 1.3?

    ive seen threads about it, im j/w how many ppl want him to be a playable char.. he could do the transformations ez, and seeing wuts goin on with the Tien modelling contest, im sure it would be accepted if there was enough ppl who want it and were willing to work on it.. yes? no? flame me?
  5. Behamut

    1.3 cell junior attack

    Maybe you could give perfect cell an attack, where he makes a few cell juniors wich attack the enemy the cell player targets.
  6. Volrath

    Cell Junior

    hey guys, we dont forget anithing? and the cell juniors? hm... and if the cell (when perfect) have the habilitie to make a cell junior (a bot lv 4) in a cost of 25 hits ! why not?
  7. R


    I need an Idea for a new ESF model to replace gohan or frieza or piccolo ossibly non-DB/Z/GT or even NON-HUMAN! Thanks!
  8. orez

    will Garlic Junior ever be put in to your esf ?

    i just whant to know will Garlic Junior ever been in esf cuzz u say u whont put ppl from ane of the movie's but he did have his own saga i herd some one ask if pi kan is going to be in esf and some one said now cuzz he was only in 2 eps but Garlic Junior had is own saga soo i just whant to...
  9. G

    skin thoughts

    i am starting to make skins and i have been pondering over wut skin to make, i mean all of the ones people want have been creted. should i do like a tien or yamcha?
  10. S

    How do i change from Junior member to something else

    Do u have to ahve certain kind of postes
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