1. bapplebo

    What did joo getzors?

    FOR XMOX LOL! I got new speakers, Logitech R-20 (2:1). New desktop chair (leather ftw) Usual Clothes (jeans, shirts) Basketball and basketball hoop (you dun wanna know what i did with my old ones) Will get more **** later, when I go over my cousins house, but this is pretty good.
  2. |Overlord|

    smith i need joo , my pc is making big nosie :o

    it seems my hdd is making a big nosie sometimes when i boot up my comp. Iv'e tried tightning the screws and such but still no difference. I'm using some samsung 160gig sata drive (can't remember model name , i will look at it when i get home for model name , afterall it could be known for this...
  3. Eon

    Haven't seen one since meh return..what do joo sound like?

    Let me hear you guys! I know there were a few threads before but I missed 'em. Post your voice or I'll gut you! thanks to meh buddeh who hosted this because he's cool. :O
  4. Z

    first .gif animation thing ....

    it has no real purpose. i just made it cause i was happy i learned how to do it :) [learned 2 days ago]
  5. S

    finally bojack gohan done

    heres my final bojack gohan. i need a host for the models. credits to smo, sbolt,-SSJ Gohan Model: SS Vegeta Skin: Mastasurf and me fro edit. i need to get permission before its released
  6. Death The Jedi

    Melted Soul

    Its my second work in Bryce, and yes, I know the font sucks. If anyone can point me in the direction of some fonts that go well with this picture.. please do so.
  7. I

    Cape Gohan

    What do you think about this cape gohan, its only a beta version but its not bad i think. Thanks to -s--bolt for the cape
  8. R

    help plz?????

    kan somwan edit me a ssj5goku whit sound plz
  9. S

    Recompile of normal mystic gohan for normal gohan

    Could someone take the normal mystic gohan and recompile it for the normal gohan seeing as we now have an ss mystic gohan for ss normal gohan. Or tell me how to do it
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