1. C

    Hello Everyone! Thank You Project workers!

    I just made my account on these forums in anticipation for Final 1.0 and because of the fun I've been having with 1.2.3. Though I realize e he forums aren't too strong at the moment I feel like it was a good idea to get here before the storm and hopefully I can be one of the more active an known...
  2. Kamicciolo

    Hi i just joined and was wondering

    which characters are playable in this mod? and this is a great mod by the way
  3. M

    I JUST joined, please, someone help me, i've got a ton of questions!

    What is this site about? i've found these pictures in google searches and i find some kind of game, where is this game? whats the link for it? please help me, i just joined now...
  4. M

    ok I joined a server...still dont work

    I joined a server with esf and I heard all the sounds and was picking good and i was like spectating and then esf tring to try again now.
  5. L

    Hey I'm New

    Heh I just Joined this forum after my friend told about this website. what do you think of my sig. its like 5 months old but i'm hoping to finish a new one by the end of this week.